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The F2 Button – Product Information Window

Has anyone of you ever accidentally press onto that F2 button? Well I have, once or twice and then I just quickly close the window it displays. Never knowing that there is a hidden “wealth” on that little box. This box is the Product Information window. Have you ever thought where you will find how many item records you have in an instant? Or how big your company file size is? Personally, I find this F2 button very handy.

By pressing on F2, QuickBooks will show the Product Information window. In here you will find, as the window name says, information about, not only your QuickBooks data but also your QuickBooks application. Here are some of what you can find:

  • Product Version, Edition and patch number
  • License Number
  • Product Number

Note: Don’t worry if others can view these numbers (License and product number) because you will still need a validation code to be able to complete the installation.

  • Number of User Licenses
  • Date when the QuickBooks application is installed
  • Shows whether license is already activated or not
  • Release number – for updates and fixes

This window will also show the path where your company file is stored.

You can also check how big your QuickBooks file is which is shown in kilobytes. This also tells how many transactions are already encoded.

Aside from that, you will find here the List Information which holds the number of records you have, from items, customers and vendor up to the chart of accounts. This will show both active and inactive records.

If you have experienced data corruption and data verify/rebuild has been used, you can check the issues that were encountered using the Review last Verify/Rebuild button.

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