Sage 50cloud Accounting Software: Check This Review For Your Business in the Philippines
If you're interested in Sage50cloud Accounting software for your business in the Philippines, then make sure to check this review first!
sage50cloud accounting software philippines
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sage50cloud accounting software philippines

Sage 50cloud Accounting Software: Check This Review For Your Business in the Philippines

Opening your own business is a dream of many people, particularly as the world is reverting to a more entrepreneurial spirit. However, the accounting side of business leaves much to be desired for some business adventurers. Sage 50cloud is a competitive business accounting software that is widely used.

Rent, utilities, billing, employees, tax codes, business licenses, supplies, and invoices, who is the brave soul to deal with the major and minor financial matters?

An accountant, a bookkeeper, or software?

Obviously, there are many options from which to choose, so how does one decide? And if you are leaning towards software, for its ease and accessibility, how to know which one is right for your business?


Sage 50cloud to the Rescue


For those who may be a bit technophobic or digitally ambivalent, accounting software may seem overwhelming, so it might be best to start with a simple definition.

Like the name implies, accounting software is a computer program that addresses and helps with accounting processes. Ideally, the program should generate reports and transaction histories, track expenses and of course, in this day and age of online fraud, provide encrypted security.


With its expertise and longevity, Sage is a company that has been in the accounting business since the 1980s, although they have often updated their name to reflect the new technological advances in their software platforms.

Ideal for small and medium businesses (although larger businesses can benefit too), Sage 50cloud offers competitive and innovative accounting software.

We previously reviewed the Sage Business Cloud Software, so take a look at that here.


What can Sage 50cloud do for Your Company?


According to their website, Sage is “the market leader for integrated accounting, payroll and payment systems, supporting the ambition of the world’s entrepreneurs.”

Boasting millions of global customers and a team of 13000 colleagues, Sage supports and grows businesses. Promising “less admin, faster payments and more productivity”, Sage 50cloud is a unique platform that is actually a desktop application with cloud storage for data.

There are three main products Sage 50cloud Pro Accounting, Sage 50cloud Premium Accounting, and Sage 50cloud Quantum Accounting, all with monthly payment options dependent upon the number of software users.

All three options have the following features:

  1. Manage cash flow, income, expenses and payments.
  2. Link to bank account of choice. This allows for a wide range of options to facilitate not only banking but also any businesses transactions.
  3. Manage VAT and submit online tax returns.
  4. Creation of professional invoices and estimates, which is necessary for billing.
  5. Easy to use and highly functional dashboard, which can help with revenue trends, budget concerns, and performance analysis. The dash board provides users with the tools to create invoices, orders and estimates directly, without having to open multiple programs and documents.
  6. Generation of financial reports to help you see the how the business is faring, what the trends may be and any market fluctuations.
  7. Anytime and anywhere secure cloud access, storage and backup.
  8. Microsoft Office 365 Integration complete with all of the tools, including Excel and Word.
  9. Interconnected users, so that all employees are on the same literal and proverbial page.
  10. Mobile apps which literally mean that you can take your accounting and finances on the go.
  11. A certain degree of customer support, although there has been some friendly debate about the quality of said customer support.