Sage 50: Your Ultimate Guide if You Own A Business in the Philippines
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Sage 50: Your Ultimate Guide if You Own A Business in the Philippines

If you are a business owner in the Philippines, you’ll know the importance of owning an accounting software. Sage 50 is one of the leading Sage products in the Philippines with almost 30 years of global business experience.

They produce updated versions as well, to adjust to the changing needs of users as well as looking at better approaches for doing things more proficiently.

Sage is a leading supplier of accounting software, otherwise referred to as ERP software. The Sage Company was established within the North East of England, and despite now working with enterprises worldwide, their headquarters remain in Newcastle upon Tyne, where it all started.

Today, Sage is working with approximately 6.2 million businesses around the globe and is one of the world’s largest supplier of enterprise resource planning software. In the Philippines, Sage has been successful in providing its software solutions to small and medium enterprises with its Sage 50.


Why Sage?

Sage is a renowned company for accounting software. From start-ups to large corporations, almost every company in the world can benefit from excellent business accounting solutions with Sage.

Sage software has front-line features that can help your business grow in the Philippines:

  • Tracks your money
  • Quickly imports data
  • Checks your business performance
  • Submits precise VAT returns
  • Creates recurring statements
  • Receives fast payments
  • Organizes your funds
  • Makes bank reconciliations
  • Maintains records of customers and suppliers

With all your information in one place, it is easy to record payments or create invoices with Sage 50. Moreover, it has exceptional CRM and ERP features, so it is easy to use.

What Does Sage Do?

The software developers of Sage focus on developing solutions specifically designed to help different types of businesses. Initially, Sage focused on developing software for accountants, but over the years, the product range has expanded to meet different needs.

Who Needs Sage Software?

  1. Businesses who rely on software.

If your business in the Philippines and is already using software solutions to help manage your processes, then what you need to ensure is you have the latest versions so you can keep up with the trends.

  1. Businesses with difficulty on HR tasks.

If managing Human Resources can be challenging for your company, then Sage 50 software solutions in the Philippines can help you operate as well as minimizing the admin workforce.

  1. Businesses with contractors and suppliers.

If your business works with contractors and suppliers, then it’s essential to make payments on time. Sage 50’s payment services can help you avoid additional charges caused by late payments and keep your partners happy.

  1. Growing start-up businesses.

Last but not least, if your business is starting or undergoing a significant change, whether that’s opening new offices, hiring new staff, or expanding globally, the Sage 50 software solutions are flexible so they can grow and change with you.

Accounting software is one of the most significant parts of any company’s IT infrastructure. It doesn’t matter which type of industry you are in or what the size of the business; you need to manage your accounts properly.

​The traditional way of filing and managing accounts on pen and paper is not efficient, and that’s why most businesses use accounting software solutions. Although there is many accounting software available in the Philippines, when it comes to the best, then the first name that comes to mind is Sage 50.

What is Sage 50? 

Sage 50 is advanced accounting software that comes with substantial features and a simple user interface. Sage 50 is ideal for growing businesses in the Philippines but is comprehensive accounting software for huge enterprises as well. It includes features like bill payment, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and cash flow management.

One of the best things about Sage 50 in the Philippines is it can be industry-specific and can be used by up to 40 employees. From module-level security to inventory management, Sage 50 comprehends all the things you need from accounting software.

Moreover, it’s also good to know that you have the option to add payroll and credit card processing in Sage 50 software in the Philippines.

What are the Benefits of Using Sage 50 in the Philippines? 

Here is the rundown of some of the most highlighted benefits of switching to or choosing Sage 50 for your business in the Philippines:

  • User-friendly to people who are not knowledgeable in accounting. It’s not necessary to be a certified accountant in using Sage 50 accounting software.
  • Integrates every type of accounting feature, including credit card processing, inventory management, personalized dashboard, and a wide selection of inventory reporting options.
  • Not limited to basic accounting features, as it includes other tools that can be useful in different types of business.
  • Automatic backup option to secure you from complete data loss.
  • Compatible with the other Sage products, enabling you to customize the software according to your business needs and desired results.
  • Automates accounting processes, saving you time and allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.
  • Works with cloud, making it easy to host Sage 50 on the cloud platform and unlock the features of the cloud.

What Are the Best Sage 50 Features?

There are many benefits to using the Sage 50 in the Philippines, as this advanced accounting software is feature-rich. No matter how complex your accounting software needs are or how specific it is, Sage 50 will provide a solution for all your accounting needs.

Let’s go through some of the best accounting features offered by Sage 50:

  • The option of setting bills online
  • Job/project management
  • Modifiable reports and financial statements
  • Vendor management center
  • Excellent inventory and job administration
  • Easy cash flow management
  • Standard and essential accounting
  • Sage business care silver
  • Reviews insight and trends in data

Xirrus for Your Sage 50 Accounting Solutions in the Philippines 

Xirrus is an accounting software service provider for Sage 50 in the Philippines. We are one of the leading account software distributors for companies of all sizes. With us, you can be assured of streamlined operations, efficient business management, and expert business insights.