What Are the Advantages of Using QuickBooks Pro in the Philippines for Your Small Business?
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What Are the Advantages of Using QuickBooks Pro in the Philippines for Your Small Business?

In the Philippines, people with small businesses use software to manage their accounting needs and requirements. One of the ways of doing so is with the use of QuickBooks Pro by Intuit. This product is well-matched for small businesses as it can accomplish any accounting task as accurately as possible. Accountant or not, everyone is free to use this one for financial matters.

In fact, there are lots of accounting solutions in the country, but nothing matches what QuickBooks Pro has to offer.

Have you ever used QuickBooks Pro for your business endeavors? Are you aware of its practice and advantages? If not, here’s the list of its advantages to make you appreciate it as a product.

Advantages of Using QuickBooks Pro for Your Small Business in the Philippines


QuickBooks Pro is the preferable and advanced version of QuickBooks. In fact, it has a lot of great features that make accounting more manageable.  If you are interested in having one, here are some of the things you need to know:


1. Powerful Accounting Solution

According to CompareCamp, QuickBooks Pro is a powerful email system that allows its users to do substantial things.

As you use this software, it will allow you to monitor all areas of business accounting. You can manage your customers’ data, keep track of your employees, and monitor your inventory at any minute.

In addition, it will provide you with comprehensive data reports that are all necessary for your business. As a whole, QuickBooks Pro can do lots of things concerning finances with its advanced functionalities compared to others.

2. Money Management

According to Small Business, QuickBooks Pro manages all the money as part of its program. Aside from managing, it allows users to enter the due dates and any payment information for all recurring bills.

In totality, it handles the funds accordingly with accuracy and precision. Whenever you need assistance concerning money management, using QuickBooks Pro will process the work incredibly.

3. Easy Reporting and Analysis

With QuickBooks Pro, all data will be generated automatically. With that, you won’t have to do everything one by one, which is very time-consuming.   Apart from that, it will enable you to create a variety of financial reports, such as annual income, expense, and more.

4. User-Friendly

Whenever you have a small business, you need products or devices that are easy to use and manage. Luckily, QuickBooks Pro is a user-friendly solution to manage your accounting needs.

Remember this; if something is difficult to understand, the others might confuse themselves on how to use it properly. When that happens, it might bring problems to your business due to the wrong usage.

5. Efficient Sale Invoicing

Aside from generating all money transactions, it also acts as an Income Tracker that monitors all invoices, including the overdue receivables. Apart from that, it has a calendar view that enables you to see your invoices, billing, and other vital tasks.

According to CompareCamp, QuickBooks Pro creates professional invoices and forms, unlike the others. It can likewise track sales and will create receipts at the touch of a button.

6. Convenience

Being in charge of tax and income reports has always been a difficult job to do. Luckily, several accounting solutions were employed for the benefit of everyone. One of the ways of managing your tax is through the use of QuickBooks Pro.

As part of its functions, it effortlessly gathers your bank transactions from different bank accounts. With that, you can check the money out and organize everything for taxation purposes.

Aside from getting all the transactions, you can likewise view any reports with a single click. In that way, you could do anything in minutes without having to be anywhere physically.

7. Scalability

One of the main advantages of QuickBooks Pro is its scalability. Its system can manage up to 14,500 items, including the inventory, customers, and vendors’ information. Apart from that, it can be used concurrently by three users, which makes it a perfect tool for small businesses in the Philippines.


In conclusion, QuickBooks is present in the Philippines because of its incredible usage when it comes to business. Indeed, it is one of the best-selling financial software around the globe. With that, it’s also sought-after by the Filipinos as a support for their small businesses.

When it comes to QuickBooks Premier, business people also tend to seek it as it offers convenience without question. It tracks balance sheets, manages inventory items, and provides specific reminders for you to notice.

With so many benefits to offer, this product will enable you to simplify your accounting need in the best way possible.