Where to Find the Best QuickBooks Premier Reseller in the Philippines?
quickbooks premium reseller
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Where to Find the Best QuickBooks Premier Reseller in the Philippines?

In today’s time, people in the Philippines sell different products as their occupation. At times, they sell some accounting software such as QuickBooks for a living. Although accounting software is not that prominent in the country, it is still beneficial for small businesses.

Aside from QuickBooks, people also sell Sage 50, Intuit, Xero, QNE, and more accounting solutions to the Filipinos. With that, a person could look for one whenever they need it without panicking.

Are you currently looking for a QuickBooks Premier right at this moment? In Xirrus, rest assured that you are dealing with the right people.

    Xirrus Inc.- Xirrus is the only recognized distributor of QuickBooks here in the Philiipines. Why choose Xirrus?

  • Genuine licenses. All are named and registered under your company. When you purchased from us, we will provide you your license details which includes your company and license details.
  • We have certified consultants. All our sales and technical team are all certified not only in QuickBooks, as well as Sage 50, ABSS Philippines and other 3rd party applications such as SAP Crystal Reports (especially for BIR Reports Customizations).
  • Full local support. Mondays to Fridays from 8:30AM – 5:30PM. For any support inquiries, you may email us directly to support@xirrus.ph.
  • In conclusion, QuickBooks is present in the Philippines because of its incredible usage when it comes to business. Indeed, it is one of the best-selling financial software around the globe. With that, it’s also sought-after by the Filipinos as a support for their small businesses.

    With so many benefits to offer, this product will enable you to simplify your accounting need in the best way possible.

    Reality check, there are other distributors that you will see when you search in google. Just a simple reminder from us, please make sure to double check those companies. You don’t want to waste money to an investment that will not benefit your company in the future. Here’s a scenario: Client A purchased QuickBooks from other distributor and then they wanted to avail services from Xirrus. First thing we need to do is to get your license details and send it to our principal for validation. Once validated and it is not under your company, then we can’t proceed with the service. This will result to another problem to the client. There are only two things that they can do, purchased a genuine license or find other provider that will assist them without validating their license. Think before you click. Do the necessary research, study, and analysis before making any investments. If you have any questions, we are here to help. We are just one call away.