Quickbooks Online: Best Accounting Software to Manage Multiple Accounts in the Philippines
You'll enjoy QuickBooks Online Accounting Software in the Philippines if you've built a small company and need some guidance keeping things under the order.
quickbooks accounting software philippines
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Quickbooks Online: Best Accounting Software to Manage Multiple Accounts in the Philippines

You’ll enjoy QuickBooks Online Accounting Software in the Philippines if you’ve built a small company and need some guidance keeping things under the order.

Nowadays, technology is telling us to leave paper files and substitute them with computer programs.

Intuit QuickBooks also launched a series of innovative accounting software solutions in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic to assist small companies.

QuickBooks Online should be able to utilize an improved cash flow template directly within the app, complete with PayPal integration. There’s also an enhanced payroll feature as part of its Summer Product Launch, which can be used to handle furloughed employees. Main additional changes have been made to allow accountancy companies and building SMBs greater flexibility.

Over half of small businesses fail within the first five years before COVID-19 hit, according to data from ONS Business Demography. Therefore, Intuit claims that the new features within QuickBooks Online aim to help reduce the rate of small business failure by putting digital at the core of their business.

Intuit discovered that poor cash management is the number one reason why small companies struggle, with cash management issues faced by 60% right before COVID-19 struck.

QuickBooks, which was previously only accessible on iOS, now gets Cash Flow Planner for all versions, including those utilizing cloud operating systems, to combat the issue.

AI and Open Banking

The app utilizes a combination of Artificial Intelligence and Open Banking to extract data from several channels, including company sales dynamically, and manually entered events to create real-time cash flow feedback and enable companies to make more educated decisions.

Although the method can be used to provide a historical view of market operations, small companies may still use the feature to produce futures cash flow projections for up to three months. Consumers would be able to build various situations and figure out how best to make changes to maximize cash flow, such as eliminating leasing prices and other everyday expenses.

Otherwise, the issue of late payments is severely affecting small and medium-sized enterprises, with QuickBooks research revealing a fifth (21%) of owners who say that the problem of late payments has been at an all-time high since COVID-19. Intuit says that adding ‘Pay with PayPal’ and ‘Pay by debit or credit card’ to invoices should help small businesses get their invoices paid quicker.

Shaun Shirazian, Director of Project Management, Europe at Intuit QuickBooks, said: “Small businesses have faced extraordinary challenges since the coronavirus hit, with many of the longstanding issues facing these businesses, such as cash flow and late payments becoming even more severe.

We are dedicated to helping small businesses overcome these hurdles and improve their chances of survival and have developed these product innovations to support them in their recovery. We genuinely believe that by putting digital at the heart of their business, small businesses can survive and thrive, even in today’s challenging environment.”

Managing Multiple Accounts with QuickBooks Online Accounting Software in the Philippines

When you are working at more than one client, you may not need to get another copy of Quickbooks Online to handle the budgets for each product. You may have growing individuals on the same Quickbooks.

Setting Up a Company in the Online Version

Several organizations will each have their membership developed in Quickbooks Online. If you don’t already have a Quickbooks account online, you may need to build one first.

Choose a Country.

Selecting a country or your new company is the very first move. Navigate to https:/quickbooks.intuit.com*/choose-nation/ * on your computer and pick the nation you are located in. Then you’ll be brought to the region-specific QuickBooks Online platform.

Pick Quickbooks Version. 

When you’re on the right platform, pick the QuickBooks edition that you’d prefer to use. You will have the choice, depending on the region, to either purchase it now or start the free trial again. You will be brought to the Sign In the page no matter what you choose.

New Account or Sign in.

You may either sign in to an existing account on the Sign In tab or opt to create a new one. If you have an active QuickBooks Online account, sign up. If not, you’ll need to make a new one.

You will remember that your QuickBooks Online accounts are secured by password and are managed by the Master Administrator. Only when a single person has connections to one of your firms doesn’t mean that this consumer or all users of your network can have links to other organizations. If you want a user to have access to a company, you will need to authorize them by adding them to the appropriate user list.