Factors to Consider in Choosing the Right Accounting Solutions Provider
We have here a list of some guidelines which you can use in determining the right Accounting solutions provider for your business in the Philippines.
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Factors to Consider in Choosing the Right Accounting Solutions Provider

Having a tough time looking for someone? Someone who will help you, take care of you and someone who always got your back….?

We’ll, that’s everyone’s dilemma. Choosing a vendor is somehow being compared to choosing your future husband or wife. It must be accurate, and as much as possible, “Perfect”. But the question is, how can we be so sure that we’re going to choose the “right one”? Well, this is exactly what is it all about.

We have here a list of some Guidelines which you can use in determining the Right Accounting Solutions Provider for your business. (“In any order”)

1. Security. In choosing a vendor you should consider the ff.
– They should be recognized &; accredited by government especially in the field of accounting, BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue)
– Tied up to Different Professional Organizations

Through this, you can make sure that everything is legal, and we can easily avoid having hard times with the authorities.

2. Unparalleled Quality of Service to Customers
– Streamlined customer’s business process in accordance with Accounting standard processes.
– Standard implementation methodology, which ensures the adoption of the new system is on-time.
– Certified consultants
– Capable of providing support and technical assistance.

As a buyer, we are always looking for the “X” factor, and that factor is commonly called as “After sales services”.

3. Value for Money. This is one of the main battle arms for almost vendors/suppliers, Why? Because all buyers are always after the “WIIFM Station” (What’s In It For Me?), this is same as with the question “Does the cost justify the Quality of Products and Services being offered by the vendor?)

Of course, we don’t want to invest on something which we cannot use in the long run, it’s like throwing money out of your wallet.

Take note: Don’t be blinded by low costing strategy of vendors, always put in mind that low price goods and services does not necessarily mean best value for money. Let’s take into our minds that the best value for money comes with the right combination of Proper costing, Reliability &; Quality of the service.

4. Financial Security. Making Sure your vendor has all the means to deliver what you want and what you need. Knowing that they are financially strong and capable makes you feel relaxed and undoubtful. Conducting a good credit check will help you in reassuring the vendor’s existence in the business and how long they can survive.

5. Adaptability and Flexibility. These factors are mostly being used in determining the right “Accounting Solutions Provider”. If your requirements are too difficult to solve, most likely, we want a vendor who can somehow, provide a work around. With this, we can feel the ease of doing difficult things in a much easier way.

The thing is, how are we going to identify which is which? The answer? Ask them, ask for their existing clients in the same field as you are as well as their experiences on the same requirements. I know what you are thinking, Yes! It is possible, just ask and request, and surely, they will give it to you, and if they don’t, you already know the answer.

There are many ways to find you future Accounting Solutions Provider, the best practice is for you to create a list of possible
suppliers which you get from various sources to give you a wider range to choose form.

You can use the following:

  • Business Advisors such as, chamber of commerce, DTI, BIR &; Different Professional Organizations like PICPA (Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants)
  • Directories like Yellow pages
  • Trade and Expo’s
  • Referrals

While doing your list try to ask yourself these questions.

  • Would this supplier be able to provide my requirements?
  • Do they have the financial capability to provide the services they offer?
  • How long are they in the business?
  • Are they legally approved by the government?

Please take note that the above information is just a guideline in which you can use as long as you want and as long as it applies. You can always Add, Edit &; Delete whichever you think will apply to you own standards.