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Factors to Consider in Choosing the Right Accounting Solutions Provider

Having a tough time looking for someone? Someone who will help you, take care of you and someone who always got your back….?

We’ll, that’s everyone’s dilemma. Choosing a vendor is somehow being compared to choosing your future husband or wife. It must be accurate, and as much as possible, “Perfect”. But the question is, how can we be so sure that we’re going to choose the “right one”? Well, this is exactly what is it all about.

Using Classes in QuickBooks to Track Financial Performance

Some businesses want to monitor their finances not only on company-wide level, but based on different dimensions of their business. Some track their financial statements based on profit or cost centers, departments, or even projects. This kind of reporting greatly helps the decision makers within the organization to determine which aspect of the business is profitable. In QuickBooks, you can use the Classes to tag your transactions to a specific profit center, cost center, department, or project. To define classes in QuickBooks, go to List; Class List, then press Ctrl+N.

The F2 Button – Product Information Window

Has anyone of you ever accidentally press onto that F2 button? Well I have, once or twice and then I just quickly close the window it displays. Never knowing that there is a hidden “wealth” on that little box. This box is the Product Information window. Have you ever thought where you will find how many item records you have in an instant? Or how big your company file size is? Personally, I find this F2 button very handy.

Using QuickBooks Budgets as a Tool to Control Your Finances

Most small business owners are focused on operating their business and ensure that their business runs smoothly. This is good, and in the long run, as the business grows, business owners might also be concerned on how to manage finances, particularly the companies’ expenses.