AWS Cloud Hosting for Quickbooks: Accounting in the New Normal
If you would like to get the AWS Cloud Hosting for QuickBooks in the Philippines, feel free to contact us today.
AWS Cloud Hosting for Quickbooks
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AWS Cloud Hosting for Quickbooks: Accounting in the New Normal

The coronavirus pandemic prompted Amazon Web Services (AWS Cloud Hosting) to increase their members and their customers’ time with new online training, certification, fee waives, and other concessions concerning remote work environments.

Once the cloud service recently told AWS customers if they could help serve their company interests through the pandemic, Rima Olinger, AWS’s strategic partnership chief, said it had several shared threads.

“They asked for guidance on adjusting their digital marketing approach to be sensitive to the current environment,” Olinger said. “They also asked for expansion of virtual training and for extensions on deadlines to meet their AWS competencies.”

“We have also increased virtual training and added relevant content to help our partners guide their customers with business continuity solutions and extended deadlines for AWS certifications as well as competencies,” she said.

AWS also extended the unrestricted usage of its company software as a member of American Express’s stand for small businesses project. Since remote working is now included in the “new normal” or the shift of businesses to digitalization, AWS Cloud Hosting for QuickBooks helps with the current way to do accounting.

Amazon Chime is the unified communications service of AWS for users, chatting, and making business calls both internally and externally using the internet. For all Amazon Chime customers joining the company via their own AWS account by June 30, AWS provides free use of all Amazon Chime Pro features for online meetings and video conferencing. PSTN services such as the call-me or assembly dial-in Amazon Chime Voice Connector are excluded.

AWS Cloud Hosting for QuickBooks also allows the new customers free use of the fully managed content creation, storage, and collaboration service for up to 50 users through June 30.

The usage of AWS Cloud Hosting and QuickBooks allows you to work on your ventures anywhere you are. Your staff will be linked through regional and country lines with coverage of over 17 metropolitan regions.

The Problem

Small business owners and accountants tried QuickBooks Online, and they realized that they didn’t have some of the key features in any QuickBooks Desktop Edition they used.

The Solution

That’s why we chose in all AWS versions to deliver the fully-functional QuickBooks Desktop. You pay for QuickBooks Pro Desktop, the Premier Desktop Edition of QuickBooks, or the QuickBooks Enterprise edition license.

Feel free to tell us the number of users you need. We’ll need to set up a particular 2019 Datacenter version of Microsoft Windows Server.

Benefits of AWS Cloud Hosting for QuickBooks

Regular snapshots allow you to recover yourself from any unforeseen disaster. We can always restore your latest picture if you encounter any issues.

Will the computer function slowly? Call our help department, and in only a few minutes, we will update your server with a faster CPU and more RAM.

Would you like to attach another competitor to your Sage 50 Desktop, for instance? Phone us out, and we’re going to look after you.


Would you want to hear more about how you and your colleagues’ profit from our relationship with Amazon Web Services? We will carry out Premium Solutions and experience to consumers worldwide by providing cloud computing services.

For more details, please visit AWS Cloud Hosting’s website to see what problems might further help you. Get to know more to also grow your company, especially during the pandemic.

AWS Cloud Hosting for QuickBooks: Accounting in the New Normal

We hope that you have seen how good AWS is for your accounting needs with the details above. AWS currently has a physically and over the internet world-class stable network.

AWS has shown that it provides more infrastructure-led capabilities and functionality than any other cloud vendor.

If you would like to get the AWS Cloud Hosting for QuickBooks in the Philippines, feel free to contact us today.